Bass Amplification

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  • Ampeg BA115 Bass Combo
    When you need a portable rig with legendary Ampeg ...

    Retail Price: R16,199.00
    Your Price: R11,299.00
    Save: R4,900.00

    Don't be fooled by its diminutive, dare we say 'cu ...

    Retail Price: R10,399.00
    Your Price: R7,499.00
    Save: R2,900.00

  • Ampeg PF-115HE 15 Portaflex Cab
    Drawing from the classic design of Ampegs legendar ...

    Retail Price: R9,299.00
    Your Price: R6,695.00
    Save: R2,604.00

  • Ampeg SVT-112AV 12 Cab
    The Ampeg SVT-112AV bass enclosure delivers pure A ...

    Retail Price: R17,499.00
    Your Price: R12,599.00
    Save: R4,900.00

  • Ampeg SVT-15E 15 Bass Cab
    When only the fat, warm sound of a 15 speaker wil ...

    Retail Price: R18,799.00
    Your Price: R13,535.00
    Save: R5,264.00

  • Ampeg SVT-212AV 2x12 Bass Cab
    The Ampeg SVT-212AV bass enclosure delivers pure A ...

    Retail Price: R23,899.00
    Your Price: R17,207.00
    Save: R6,692.00

  • Ampeg SVT-610HLF 6x10 Bass Cab
    This is the speaker cabinet for the bass player wh ...

    Retail Price: R36,699.00
    Your Price: R26,423.00
    Save: R10,276.00

  • Ampeg SVT-810AV 8x10 Bass Cab
    This is the classic Ampeg stack that you see on st ...

    Retail Price: R48,199.00
    Your Price: R34,703.00
    Save: R13,496.00

  • Ampeg SVT410HE
    Looking for a speaker cabinet to brighten up your ...

    Retail Price: R24,599.00
    Your Price: R17,711.00
    Save: R6,888.00

  • Ashdown ABM 410H Cabinet
    ABM cabs are designed to compliment the wide tonal ...

    Retail Price: R6,150.00
    Your Price: R4,920.00
    Save: R1,230.00

  • Ashdown ABM 500 EVO III
    From the moment the VU meter flickers into life as ...

    Retail Price: R9,095.00
    Your Price: R7,276.00
    Save: R1,819.00

  • Ashdown Five 15
    As the name suggests, All Access bass amps give yo ...

    Retail Price: R5,395.00
    Your Price: R4,316.00
    Save: R1,079.00

Displaying 1 to 24 (of 99 products)
per page
Result Pages:  1  2  3  4  5   
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