Wireless Microphones

Professional performance tested Wireless microphones, transmitters, receivers, and systems for any professional vocal or instrument application. Our brands include Sennheiser and JB Systems, wireless vocal dynamic and condensor microphones, wireless instrument microphones.

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  • Shure GLXD4-Z2

    Price:  Retail Price: R8,550.00
    Your Price: R6,156.00
    From R585.00 x 12 months
    Save: R2,394.00

  • Shure GLXD2/SM58-Z2

    Price:  Retail Price: R7,597.00
    Your Price: R5,469.00
    From R520.00 x 12 months
    Save: R2,128.00

  • Shure GLXD2/B58-Z2

    Price:  Retail Price: R7,638.00
    Your Price: R5,500.00
    From R523.00 x 12 months
    Save: R2,138.00

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