Moving Lights

With high-brightness DMX LED lighting you can make your performers shine. Our product line-up includes, moving heads, scanners, crowd blinders, PARCANs and high end theatre and production DMX lighting equipment at the leading edge of industry standard lighting gear.

Featured Products
  • BriTeq BT-W37L10 ZOOM

    Price:  Retail Price: R74,995.00
    Your Price: R59,996.00
    Save: R14,999.00

  • BriTeq BTX-TITAN

    Price:  Retail Price: R79,995.00
    Your Price: R63,996.00
    Save: R15,999.00

  • BriTeq BT-DAZZLE

    Price:  Retail Price: R21,995.00
    Your Price: R17,596.00
    From R1,672.00 x 12 months
    Save: R4,399.00

  • BriTeq BT-BEAM70

    Price:  Retail Price: R22,995.00
    Your Price: R18,396.00
    From R1,748.00 x 12 months
    Save: R4,599.00

  • BriTeq TORNADO 7

    Price:  Retail Price: R23,995.00
    Your Price: R19,196.00
    From R1,824.00 x 12 months
    Save: R4,799.00

  • BriTeq BT-METEOR

    Price:  Retail Price: R22,999.00
    Your Price: R15,999.00
    From R1,520.00 x 12 months
    Save: R7,000.00

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