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We are confident that we offer the best prices you'll find on the products we sell, but sometimes we may miss something.

If you've seen a product cheaper on another South African retailers website.
Then let us know, and we will lower our price for you. Enabling you to still receive our world class service and after sales peace of mind at the best possible prices.

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Their price (Rand):
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Once we've checked out the information you've given us, we'll send you an e-mail telling you how to redeem the offer.

Please note that we must be able to validate your claim. The lower price offered by us will include any delivery costs charged by another South African equipment retailer. You'll not be entitled to free gifts (such as carts/stylus, headphones) or other promotional offers unless the same deal is also offered by the other retailer.

Our lowest price guarantee cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. We reserve to right not to offer a lower price at our discretion, for example if the retailer doesn't have the product in stock.
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